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Thread: Cheviots in the house

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    Default Cheviots in the house

    They lasted about 3 hours in the system before a friend visiting asked if I needed help moving them out of the way so we could listen to the Dahlquist DQ-10s again. It wasn't the amps as the rig sounds excellent, otherwise.

    When I got them I cleaned them up and pulled the gutz out. Took the driver apart cleaning the voice coil gap for the tweeter and verifying there was no debris in the gap or corrosion on the diaphragm. Got the switches cleaned and looked at what I had.

    Front w grilles.jpg

    Tan System.jpg


    F no grilles.jpg

    Pics of the outside are before they were cleaned up. I installed new foam on the crossovers.

    Nice overall but the sound is the worst of what I own. Originally, one had significantly less output from the tweeter than the other. Now they can be closely matched with a slightly different switch position. But I was in complete agreement with Steve, help me move these out of the way.

    I'm thinking that they might get a bit better with more time being driven by and amplifier and not sitting around. But ultimately I think they need a recap. Might even respond to cheap new caps compared to old tired caps. I might have something to throw in there but will probably use something like the Daytons, Metallized Polypropylene from Parts-Express, yes, I'm in the colonies and would purchase parts from here.

    Best thing I have done with them so far is to use them as a platform to photograph some stereo gear (small parts) and documents. Here is one of the Docs, an SME brochure from Shure when they were the distributor of the arm in the US.


    Any recommendations or suggestions welcome because I know a speaker like the highly regarded Tannoy can't sound this bad and be right. They are looking better so I'd like to get them sounding better.

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    Sounds like they need a trip to Paul at RFC ( Reference Fidelity Components ) , If you need the drivers re foaming I had my pair done by Lockwood audio , Superb job , Came back like new
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    They should sound decent enough, so there's something wrong. The crossovers may need a service. As to the low output from one tweeter. It could just be dirty switches in the treble adjusters, a clean may help. And, use a meter to check resistance of the tweeter coils, they should read similarly, but not necessarily identical. Also, the tweeter coil may be binding in the magnet gap.

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