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    Default Lenco

    I'm thinking of making a turntable with 2 arms proberly going to be a Lenco but which model is advised also willing to listen to any other ideas
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    The L78 if your interested in its auto stop function or the L75 if not. The L75 is perhaps peoples favourite choice.

    I have just started listening to one which is mounted on a Carl's workshop plinth and will eventually have a 12" arm added to go with the home built 9.5" unipivot currently in use. Sounding good so far.

    Lots of info on Lenco Heaven.

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    GL99 or GL88 are L75/78's with a smaller top plate so easier to create a plinth to add as many arms as you require (they tend to command a higher price due to this and are rarer).
    As above the L75/L78 are an excellent choice.
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    The L75 is probably the easiest and cheapest Lenco. I have the 75 and 99 and prefer the 75 for experimenting. You can achieve some quite remarkable results with the 75.
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    If you mount a stock L75 top plate rotating it 90 degrees CW, you'll have no trouble mounting two arms in the plinth, though I guess the one at the back would be mounted pretty close to the motor but not sure that would present any problems, I suppose not. I like the presentation of the L75 even without any upgrades apart from little tweaks and IMO they are one of the easiest idler drives to service and make perform silently. It's very rare to hear people having hard to trace rumble issues with Lencos because the drive system is so simple and the spring mount for the motor is more failproof than rubber grommets or the like many decks seem to use, often with bad results as the rubber has aged for 50 years.

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