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Thread: What is the best usb cable for audio streaming

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    I'm Simon.


    Lindy for me. Proper USB verified cables built to USB spec from a data cable manufacturer who do real testing. If you have issues between computer source and dac it's best to fix that with proper engineering solutions, not pi55 aways hundreds on cable IMO.
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    I'm Chris.


    I would stick with the Supra and get an iFi Audio iPurifier2: https://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view...ry-ipurifier2/

    It does far more for the money than any cable will.

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    I'm Rob.


    I bought a QED Performance Digital Audio USB A-B Graphite 1.0 m I can't compare it with the supra anymore as the cable was broken, but the sound is good, I think I changed to many things at one time, I changed the speaker cable I changed the position and the usb cable, the system sounds a lot better now though.
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