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Thread: Why are you here?

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    I'm Ian.


    Back at you chap, and may I echo the sentiment to all here too

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    I'm Dave.


    Tonight - to wish Marco and everyone else around here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Best wishes to everyone. Have a good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
    I asked myself what I get from my time spent online the other day.
    To be, or not to be here. That's a good question...

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    I'm Steve.

    Thumbs up

    Without doubt the easiest forum to be part of. The only forum I feel truly at home posting on. Long may it reign.
    WEBSITE.... www.theprogmeister.com

    Golf, a good walk spoiled : M Twain.

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    I'm Steve.


    Quote Originally Posted by Primalsea View Post
    Although I have come and gone over the years I have always found AOS to be one of the more relaxed forums with plenty of banter. Some forums end up being a cliche of a few self important people who just want to inforce their opinions as fact, but we donít have this here.
    I'll second that Paul.

    What I enjoy most is the banter that goes on in the 'abstract' part of the forum. The other members are very tolerant of my crap attempts at humour, and there is always something of interest being discussed.

    I do however always keep up with the actual hifi threads, and even though my technical knowledge is next to non-existent, the other contributors never make me feel stupid. Even though my posts are usually just that. And every time I visit, I seem to learn something new.

    Long may it continue!

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    I'm Mark.


    I’m not much of a ‘team player’ but AoS is still one of the (very few) forums I still contribute to. Despite what some (a minority) may think I do think it does it’s best to be as inclusive as possible and the moderation is very well handled (never an easy job).

    100% Analogue

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