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Thread: What are your favourite albums?

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    I'm Mike.


    Quote Originally Posted by Haselsh1 View Post
    Mike, I was fourteen when I first heard DSOTM and that was back in 1973 just after its release. I was just blown away with all of that 'new' synth stuff that was emerging around that time and still, even now, spend time programming the sequence from 'On The Run' into my synths in an attempt to do some differing variation on it. Fabulous piece of music all the way through the whole album but I think some of us need some time away from it every now and then.

    Another I discovered around 1973 was 'Selling England By The Pound' but this album shaped my whole musical future. It was probably the biggest positive event of my life and affected everything I have listened to since, again mainly for that ARP Pro Soloist sound.
    Ah, a kindred spirit!

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    I'm Paul.


    For me its the older pressings of U2’s Joshua Tree, dont care much for the newer heavyweight release that came out a few years back. I just think it is a great album.

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    I'm James.


    Quote Originally Posted by Primalsea View Post
    For me its the older pressings of U2’s Joshua Tree, dont care much for the newer heavyweight release that came out a few years back. I just think it is a great album.
    I love abit of U2 myself, another would have to be Madonna's immaculate collection which was recorded in such a way that it gives a very surround sound effect
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    I'm Robert.


    Way too many really but to mention some from the likes of:
    Bob Marley,
    Bunny Wailer,
    Burning Spear,
    Dennis Brown,
    Freddie Mcgregor,
    Gregory Isaacs,
    Curtis Mayfield,
    Donny Hathaway,
    Aretha Franklin,
    Billy Paul,
    Bill Withers,
    Marcus Millers debut Suddenly
    Bobby Caldwell's 1978 debut album,
    Stevie Wonders Hotter than July,
    Steely Dan Aja and Goucho,
    These are some of the ones I reach for time after time ........
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    I'm Russell.


    I’m with Robbie, too many to name. Dark Side has always been high on my list, but somehow Animals is one of my most played Floyd albums. I keep a stack of about 10 to 20 vinyls in my most frequently played albums, and it rotates over the years. A few that remain in this stack have been:

    Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs
    Led Zeppelin Presence
    Steely Dan Aja
    Jimi Hendrix Experienced
    James Gang Rides again
    Jethro Tull Aqualung
    Rush 2112
    Aerosmith Rocks
    Black Sabbath Sabotage

    Many, many more but these and a few others seem like they’ve remained in the frequent stack for more years than I can remember. I still buy new vinyl and CD now and again, when I find a title I want, but somehow none of these new albums ever make it into the frequently played stack, if i never bought a new album I could get by.

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    I'm Shaun.


    Quote Originally Posted by perlogalism View Post
    Ah, a kindred spirit!

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    I'm Bob.


    Of course my top 20 has the complete set of Led Zeppelin, several Pink Floyd albums and Genesis up to Duke and a lot of Bowie (OK this top twenty is growing quickly).

    But slipping in as honourable mentions are "Hero and Heroine" by the Strawbs, "Oil on Canvas" by Japan and "Hounds of Love" by Kate Bush, "Warrior on the edge of Time" by Hawkwind, "96 degrees in the shade" by Third World and "Captain Fantastic" by Elton John

    Chuck in some Blue Beat (Sorry Robbie Gong you missed Desmond Dekker off your list), some folk by Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span and Jack the Lad.

    And I forgot the Who and the Stones, sod it I give up.................. :-)

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    I'm paul.


    Just a start as my memory is failing

    Roy Orbison in dreams greatest hits, double album in a single sleeve, fabulous recording.
    Supertramp crime of the century, half speed mastered vinyl
    Bruce Cockburn dancing in the jaws of dragons, half speed mastered vinyl
    Jennifer Warnes the well 45rpm LP vinyl
    Agnes obel citizens of glass
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    I'm Mike.


    Al Green - Belle
    The kinks - Arthur
    Dusty - In Memphis
    Robert Wyatt - Rock bottom
    These are probably my most played lps, along with Carly simon, Paul simon (no relation!), and Stones - Exile on Main st.
    Can I have a techno one too? X103 - Atlantis.
    Oh and in the spirit of AOS, a prog one I play a lot is Comus - 1st Utterance.
    Edit post! - Bowie - Aladdin Sane.

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    I'm Tony.


    Not including any recent stuff..as it's too early to tell, so here's some of the formative stuff.....

    Stevie Wonder - Talking Book
    Joni Mitchell - Hejira
    John Martyn - One World
    Steely Dan - Aja / Gaucho
    Third World - 96 Degrees in the Shade
    Brand X - Moroccan Roll
    Stanley Clarke - School Days
    Michael Jackson - Off the Wall
    George Benson - Breezin
    Kate Bush - Hounds of Love / Aerial
    David Sancious & Tone - True Stories
    Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - Secrets
    Jonatha Brooke - Plumb
    Shawn Colvin - Whole New You
    Peter Tosh - Equal Rights
    Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones
    Jean Luc Ponty - Civilised Evil
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