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Thread: Advice needed on Azimuth set up

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    Default Advice needed on Azimuth set up

    Hi i just need a bit of advice , i have got a oyaid mj12 , this has a 1degree incline , would i have to set the cartridge azimuth to that to get the best from the matt and make the cartridge follow the grove as if it was on a level surface ?

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    I obsessed about this for years until I got the Reed 3P which has azimuth adjustment on the fly - up to about 30. What I've realised since getting it is that it isn't quite as important as I thought for so long. It takes a lot of adjustment for a minimal change - once you have it set forget about it.
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    Hi , i just wondered as the azimuth was out and the stero imaging was not quit right ,this was with out the mj12 using a acromatt , once i adjusted it to were it was level it was fine , but now i have a new oyaide mj12 go back on the deck i will see what difference it makes ,

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