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Thread: Hi audio and music lovers

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    Location: Gouda/The Netherlands

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    I'm Patrice.

    Red face Hi audio and music lovers

    My name is Patrice, live in Gouda, the Netherlands. Before a drummer in a rockband, The Police as my favorite (and not only Steward Copeland) as it seems they are in the studio for a new record?
    I mostly listen to Radio Free Americana for new and old music.
    Before I had tubes amps but I switched to solid state, a NAD M2 with M50 streamer and M52 Vaught. With A Thorens TD124, Lenco 10"arm and Ortofon SPU cartridge (by Expert Stylus,) Moon 5.3 phono amp and Klipschorns which are modified with EV drivers and Klappenberger cros overs. Fantastic bass!!!! Like in a band.
    Unfortunately the speakers are a little bit oversized. I felt in love with Harbeth, Spendor and ATC. IIt is like a never ending story........

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    I'm Martin.


    It is a never ending story and also a never ending drain on the wallet
    Welcome to AoS...you will find lots of like minded folks here
    Tangerine LP12,Naim Aro, Benz Wood
    Audiomeca Talisman Highly Modded
    Audiomeca Kreatura &,SW1X DAC1
    Hovland HP100 MC
    SiriuS D100
    Quad FM4,RWA Cassabria + LCD 3
    Wilson Benesch Actors
    HSM with re capped Mundorf Supreme and Atlas rewire
    Cables by Cardas, Hovland G3 and Yter

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    I'm Chris.


    Welkom bij AOS, Patrice!

    Ik ben Engels maar heb in Nederland gewoond en spreek de taal dus een beetje. Copeland is inderdaad een goede drummer. Heeft hij en de andere jongens geld meer? Haha.

    (Just a little welcome in Dutch).

    Why did you move away from Valve amplification? I am moving the other way (pre-amps).

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hello Patrice. Welcome to AOS.

    Yes. The Klipschorns are a bit big, great sounding speakers though. I like the rest of your gear too.

    There's plenty going on here, so just join in and chat with memebers.

    Enjoy the forum,

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    I'm Manny.


    Nice warm welcome Patrice.

    Which tube amps did you have?

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