Hi Everyone:

A quick introduction. I've been a music lover since I was a kid and forced to take organ lessons, which led to playing trumpet in the high school band and then piano and organ in college. I never considered myself a great musician, but this gave me a great appreciation for the art, which I've never lost. I have eclectic music tastes, though find myself gravitating more towards classical and jazz as I get older, and only occasionally dipping into my rock 'n' roll collection. Some of this may be due to the more laid-back presentation of the tube system I've put together.

I tend to be pretty careful with my money so have been slowly building this mid-fi system over the years by purchasing quality used equipment (most recently a Kora Hermes DAC - awesome), and early production stuff like the original Decware Zen triode amps and ZTPRE preamp. At the moment I'm looking at getting back into vinyl after many years absence. Boy, this stuff is valuable.

It's funny, I say I'm not listening to as much rock 'n' roll but the first album I want to put on as soon as I find a new turntable is The Who "Who's Next?"

Looking forward to some interesting conversations!