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Thread: Legal: Anyone got this album in decent format: Elysium

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    Default Legal: Anyone got this album in decent format: Elysium

    A Band called Maggie's Dream had a debut self-titled album in the 90s, Then they stopped.

    Music is difficult to describe but I'll try by saying they sound a bit like Lenny Kravitz but smoother. Perhaps a bit like Living Colour.

    There are quite a lot of people who think that this band were very good and wondered what happened. It wasn't clear to me either.

    Then I stumbled accross this posted by band member and bassist, Lonnie D. Hillyer on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LiyfW5gwME . He posts pretty much the entire unfinished album.

    Lonnie hints hehad sent tracks to people from this unreleased album "Elysium" until it probably got too busy for him. You can piece the album together from bits and pieces posted by Lonnie and others from Youtube.

    Now, if he is posting unreleased songs it should be Ok to download, right? Anyway, I did and made my own version of the album but the quality is terrible.

    If what I have done is illegal then let me know and I'll reluctantly go back to only listening to the Youtube version.

    My question to all you music fans: Does anyone have a decent copy of the Elysium album? Did you pay for it? Can I buy it from you? Did you get it for free? If it's legal, can I have a copy?

    And here is a word from my young daughter, Maisy:

    halo, my dady iss nyce anD hee neds this muzik. So pleez help h1m. LoVe MIasy

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    I'm givingyouaprettygoodclue.


    The album isn't listed on Discogs, which doesn't bode well for its existence in any publicly available form (although Discogs has recently had a clampdown on bootleg sales it nonetheless captures data on unofficial as well as official recordings and so is a pretty extensive database). This is a very long shot but you could create an entry for it on Discogs then add it to your Wantlist, so if anyone subsequently offered it for sale you'd be notified or if anyone contributed to the entry you could get in touch with them.

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    I'm Chris.


    Thanks, Pete. Even this post is a long shot really.

    It was never released and the only "availability" is Youtube uploads by their drummer. I have been in touch with the record company as he suggests in the Youtube notes but nothing. So, it got recorded and mixed but never came out.

    Not sure if I'd class it as a bootleg. My friends use Discogs a lot - thanks for the idea, I'll see how that works.

    In the mean time I'll wait for a bit here.



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