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Thread: Greetings to all the forumers

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    I'm Naassan.

    Default Greetings to all the forumers

    Dear fellow forumers,

    I am a music and audiophile sound lover.
    I have a pretty eclectic taste. Though my prefernce is Jazz.
    I moved to digital music fews years ago, starting by 320 mp3 and moving to Apple Lossless.
    My choice of Apple Lossless was due to the fact that I was unable to find a better player than iTunes.
    Though my desire to try Hi-Res music, including DSD made me search for alternative players as iTunes is unable to passthrough Hi-Res sound.
    I tried few player and now I am a happy user of JRiver.
    I have roughly 150k songs hosted on a 8tb external hard disk which is backed up automatically to another 8tb using PureSync.
    I use SMSL M8 DAC for the moment couples to a Roksan K3 amp and Monopulse Model A speakers. The K3 is also used with a Marantz SR6006 for nmultichannel purposes.

    I used to be so bored after few weeks of buying a new component and was always seeking to change. But now, I feel I am quite satisfied with what I have, though the upgrade itchyness is always there!

    I am quite an old forumer on AVF, PFM and others.

    I guess I said quite enough about me.

    Wishing everybody all the best,


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    I'm Jerry.


    Welcome to AOS, Naass.

    Always lots going on here, so make yourself at home and get involved with the chat.

    Qobuz 16/44 streaming >> Acer laptop >> Halide Bridge USB (with AQVOX USB power) >> Wadia 151 PowerDAC >> Podium 0.5 speakers & 2x Jamo SW200 subs.

    'Resting' - Herron VTSP2 preamp, Trigon TRE50M monoblocks, MBL 116f speakers, Topping D30 DAC

    Cables: Wireworld Starlight USB, Ixos Ixotica i/c, W&M speaker cables, Belden 19364 mains cables

    Headphones: Fostex TH600, Audeze EL-8, Wharfedale Isodynamic, Philips Fidelio X2
    Headphone amp: Denon DN-A 100 integrated amp

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    I'm Dave.


    Hi Naass, welcome to AOS.Enjoy the forum .
    Kraken, Saturn, Emotion, Flying V Rocket, Planets.

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    I'm Geoff.


    Hi Naass. Welcome to AOS.

    You'll find this is a friendly place, so just join in the chat.

    Enjoy the forum,

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