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Thread: Hacker Serenade

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    Default Hacker Serenade

    Sadly my wife's Aunt has gone to live in a nursing home. Due to lack of space there she has given her this Hacker 'Serenade valve record player and FM tuner. Cosmetically it is in lovely condition. Even has the dated original delivery note and handbook. We haven't had the chance to do anything with it yet. It's not known when it was last used. Any advice from you guys on what might be worth checking over before attempting to turn it on? Here are a few pics.



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    Really stunning Loz , Get it checked and use the thing will be a shame for it to just be sat their....
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    Hacker stuff was well made and highly regarded at the BBC, and used in offices by reviewers of music.

    The deck looks like an AT60 which I once owned.

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    I agree, serviced it would make a great office or bedroom vinyl system, or even in the dining room.
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    Hi Loz, without more sophisticated equipment the best thing to do is to wire an old 60W tungsten light bulb in series with the live lead.

    This will limit any current that could be excessive into dried out capacitors before they can 're-form'.
    Hopefully the lamp will only light briefly then dim, this should show that things will be OK.

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    Thanks guys. Yes I think all being well I'll use it alongside the digital set up in the second room at home. Alan, thanks for the advice however I think I'll leave the electrickery to someone who knows what they are doing, I'll probably blow it up if i try!


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    An update. We couldnt find the room for it sadly so The Hacker now resides in Edinburgh. We handed it on to my brother in law along with some records from his late father's record collection. A happy ending.

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