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Thread: Model kits .... anyone remember doing them ?

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    I'm Martin.


    Its a real labour of love and I admire anyone thats taken the time to build and finish a kit well. Its the cost and time needed to finish them well that puts me off now. I gave up making models in my teens.

    I buy the ready made 1:18 Porsche models from Autoart, UT and Welly now. I also buy Dalek models up to 12" Dalek Sec. Im after an 18" one.

    I buy the matchbox and speedking cars I had as a kid.I have Thunderbird 2 models and the Shado 2 and Eagle transporter. I also buy the best Spawn figures like the 12" Redemption Spawn because I will never grow old gracefully

    I also collect some Amiibos and other small figures from iconic shows

    As this is a gallery thread maybe I will post some pictures later
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    Really nice work !
    Used to love building Kits when I was younger.
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    I'm Martin.


    I built load of the Airfix kits, Hurricane, Spitfire, Whirlwind, are some I remember completing. Had a Bengal Lancer I never quite finished. I never had the patience or the skills so they always ended up a bit rough with glue in the joints and dodgy paintwork. Ironically my mate Nick could build and paint them to perfection but he reckoned mine looked better as they were scruffy and more 'real' while I wanted my efforts to look more like his.

    The WW1 tank is a corking job.

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    I'm Mike.


    I used to make loads of the Airfix models too. Just recently though, I've been building these from Thomann Music:
    Guitar 3.jpgFront of LP.jpgstrat.JPGIMG_0452.jpg

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