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Thread: Chord 2Qute in silver. Brand new unopened.

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    I'm simon.


    i would love this dac, but this close to christmas , i have no chance.
    DIGITAL:flac/pc/foobar/wasapi>Ifi micro idsd > Frans' (Solderdude) headphone correction filter>Violectric V200>Senn HD800
    >or Garage 1217 Project Ember (as pre)>Marantz PM7003>Dali Zensor 1.
    ANALOGUE: Rega RP3>Schitt Mani>Garage 1217 Project Ember (as pre)> Marantz PM7003>Dali Zensor 1

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    I'm Steve.


    The way itís going, it will likely still be available after Christmas!

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    I'm Nat.


    Cannot believe this is still here the same digital conversion bits as a Hugo 1 but with a better usb input admittedly no headphone amp but still a great dac.

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    I'm Kim.


    Have sent a PM

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