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Thread: Bargains can be had if you look hard enough!

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    Default Bargains can be had if you look hard enough!

    Iíve been reading a few threads concerning the ever increasing price of hi-fi equipment, although I think it is a trend with a little bit of thought it is possible to buy equipment at the budget end which can still perform brilliantly. On the recommendation of a friend, just a few days ago I bought a pair of probably the most inexpensive speakers Iíve bought in nearly 40 years, to be exact just £79, you donít expect to get great finish and sound quality for that sort of money, but I seem to have managed it.
    The speakers in question are the Q Acoustics 2020i, theyíve been around for quite a number of years, six I believe and so are getting near the end of their production run, this now means they are heavily discounted from the original price, and probably the best place to buy discounted hi-fi, Richer Sounds have cut the price to the bone. I have them set up in a second tier system in the bedroom driven by a Yamaha AS501 amp in turn fed from the digital output of my iMac, excluding the Mac total cost just under £300. The sound quality Iíve achieved for so little money is quite astonishing, the speakers are real gems, clear, detailed and with good image scale, Iím very happy with them for such a small outlay, they actually sound better than a pair of active monitors I recently owned which cost over £1k, so there are bargains to be had, if you look hard enough.

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    Yes I agree and with a bit of research its not too hard to find them. Richer sounds is a good place for end of line bargains and discounts.

    What can I say? There are some nice systems to be put together for a great price

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