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Thread: Tell Me Something............Anything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphaGT View Post
    My nieceís wedding, last Spring, was $14,000, they cut a lot of corners. Or so they say! It was nice, but certainly no nicer then my wedding back in 1981. I got married for $600, the wife had a beautiful white dress, we had our service in a small Baptist Church near where I live, her uncle was the preacher. I wore a rented white tux with top hat and cane, and my Mom said I looked like Alice Cooper! And i did!

    My ex wife was an only child, I think thatís a lot of what goes on these days, so many single children, they never have to compromise with their siblings, strictly their parents fault for spoiling them. My daughter is an only child, but her and her husband are a model couple, making wise decisions all the way so far.

    Heck it cost me more to get divorced than it did to get married! After 36 years I finally finalized it last month! But havenít seen or spoken a word to her in 18 years. I figured she wasnít coming back? Maybe I rushed it a bit? .

    Yes I think you were perhaps a bit hasty - cheaper to stay married than get divorced, give it another 36 years and see how you feel
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    Default Tell Me Something............Anything!

    We had a fairly small wedding in Ireland with just close friends and family - around 25 people and it cost us around £3k if I remember correctly (in 2001).

    My dadís wedding present to us was a big party in a hotel near us when we were back in England for a wider circle of friends and acquaintances. I reckon that cost him more than the actual wedding!

    Our honeymoon was a long weekend at a posh hotel in Derbyshire because, after the cost of the wedding and the fact that weíd just bought a house, that was all we could afford. Still havenít done our Ďproperí honeymoon yet but are thinking that could be an occasion for our 20th wedding anniversary.

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