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Thread: Classic motorcycle

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    I'm jamie.


    its just not my cup of tea,
    im into jap sports bikes,the phrase 'pile of crap' is not meant to be taken literally. its just showing my distaste for bikes of that style, like your 'incontinence pads' comment......unless geoff actually wears them
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    Hahaha... I doubt it! It's just a bit of an 'in joke' we've got in the mod room

    Fair enough, I guess it would be like me saying that solid-state amps are a "pile of crap", as I'm into valves

    I like Jap sports bikes too, just not the modern variety, which I find have too much of a look of being designed by a computer/machine, rather than a human being, and as such are 'soulless'.


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    I'm Mark.


    Here's mine.
    The 'Bike That Tried To Kill Me' in Tennessee on my 50th Birthday trip to the States, and has left me with a seriously f***ed up right knee/leg/ankle/foot.
    After my surgeries, got it shipped back, fixed it up, and I've now done about 1500 miles since the rebuild.
    Just on 126,500 miles on the clock now - an absolutely stunning bike!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco View Post
    Back to 'wet dream' material.... A touch of 'Vincent' in this beautiful Yamaha XV1100 custom:

    Oh yeah, that seriously does float my boat. Fabulous engine too with which I have some experience. Shaft drive so no damn useless chains to worry about constantly have to adjust. I just don't do sports bikes anymore. I had over twenty years of the damn things and I have moved on. Respect to those who still love them.

    By the way, that exhaust looks remarkably like a Dunstall from around 1975. Anyone remember them...?

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    To refer to a bike as a pile of crap is OK as for decades Japanese bikes were only ever referred to as Jap Crap.

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    I'm Shaun.


    In fact, in the mid to late seventies, Jap hi-fi was not even considered 'real' hi-fi.

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    Finishing nightshift shortly and will be throwing a leg over this BMW R1150RT to get home:

    Waiting in the garage are this pair - BMW K1200RS (for funsies) and a Honda 650 Deauville (which the RT was supposed to replace but for some reason it's still here. Quite like it!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    Bought one of these new about 1978.

    Had one of these afterwards.

    I had an XS650 too. Mine was slightly chopped, and i loved it. I'd have the stock version nowadays however!

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    I'm Russell.


    I would love to have the motor from an XS650! So many aftermarket parts for them now, I could build a small bobber out of it!

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    I'm Shaun.


    Back in 1977 I worked with a guy who used to ride a GT550 and that was the bike I aspired to own when I passed my bike test. At that time I rode a KH250 and in October 1977 I had a massive smash resulting in three compound fractures in my left leg with my left leg being partially severed, four broken ribs, a broken collar bone and a smashed left hand. It took four years before I could physically ride again but as soon as I could I bought a Honda XL250S on which to pass my test. Of course I passed my test but things had moved on so much and the GT550 became a thing of the past. Yet another missed opportunity I guess. Life seems to be full of them. During the eighties I owned a GPz750 and hung on to that for six years before buying a GPz1000RX. Throughout the nineties I owned various Ducati's the best being a 907ie but then I gave up motorcycling for around sixteen years only returning last year. Absolutely loving the current bike but Hi-Fi is just so much safer.

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