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Thread: Wanted: 47 Labs Shigaraki transport

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    I'm Tom.

    Default Wanted: 47 Labs Shigaraki transport

    I've had the same Audio Note digital front end for five years now (mainly I guess because it's very good).

    However I'm contemplating a shake-up, just for a change really (or at least a contrast).

    I once had a 47 Labs Shigaraki transport and really rather liked it - so maybe out of nostalgia, I'm on the hunt for another.

    They do seem very thin on the ground though. So anyone got one for sale, or any pointers to one, please let me know.

    EDIT: scrub that .... on a hunch I changed out the existing rectifier and regulator valves for a Bendix 5852 and RCA ECL82 that I bought and never got round to fitting. I can't imagine moving this DAC on under any circumstances. And may as well keep the matching transport, whatever I do it sounds better than any streaming software or interface I try up against it.
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    I'm gordan.


    Interesting coincidence, I recently acquired a beautiful Shigaclone unit from eng. Ferenc Lazar labs (of various SUTs fame here, like Tango, Hashimoto etc). My digital never sounded so good and so close to analog. Plus it kills any PC/Mac option I tried. I didn't expect that.

    It feeds Lampizator Amber II which is another masterpiece.

    If you are still after the original Shigaraki transport, there was one for sale on AudioMarkt, though not sure if it still there. They go in a second!
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