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Thread: Describe hi fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffin View Post
    "I invented the phrase 'high fidelity' in 1927 to denote a type of sound reproduction that might be taken rather seriously by a music lover. In those days the average radio or phonograph equipment sounded pretty horrible but, as I was really interested in music, it occurred to me that something might be done about it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael loves music View Post
    Or women Susanna Reid Louise Minchin Carol Kirkwood Ruth Langsford mmmmmm
    Ha ha !!! I love your avatar by the way
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    I haven't been for years, but going round Hi-Fi shows used to be an eye opener. There'd be dozens of systems from various makers on demo and the one consistent thing was that most of them just didn't sound great. Occasionally, you'd come across something special and the 'rightness' of the sound would leap out at you.

    But. I entered one room where a vintage system was in use. It was a display by minor cable maker I believe. There was a pair of 15" Tannoy Lancasters fronted by an older valve amp (can't recall which, could have been a Radford) a Garrard 301 with SME 3009 holding a Decca Mk.IV and remember thinking, 'this is going to be nice'. It wasn't. The sound was flat as a pancake and woolly. A big surprise. It must have been the room's unsuitablility I think. A real shame, as it had great potential.

    When something sounds right, you just know. Spendor usually left a good impression, genuinely fine sounding as a rule. Avant Garde speaker displays always make their mark, they may not be entirely tonally accurate, but they sure make music.

    One of the most enjoyable sounds I recall ever hearing was from C R Developments, their own CD player, and amplification, driving a pair of Jean Marie Reynard 'Offrande' speakers. This was just an amazing sound. Full bodied, sweet, detailed and really natural and transparent, strikingly so and easily the best of the show. It was definitely an 'I want' moment!

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    Hifi is basically some over-priced boxes and wires, about which some people get their knickers in a twist.

    I've only been to a handful of hifi shows, but my experience has been that the most expensive set-ups tend to sound worse than the less expensive, simpler ones. Whether this is down to the unsuitability of the rooms in which the equipment has been set up, I don't know.

    I was at a wedding this weekend, and the sound system sounded so awful* that I realised to what extent I have become used to the sound of a good hifi system.

    *Way too much bass, ear-piercing treble, shite music programme.

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    I think hi-Fi is of it's time. It is different things to different people. Hi-fi for the best part is a remnant of the 60's, 70's and early to mid 80's. To some it replaces train sets and reminds us so much of our youth and better days gone by. Hey, no harm with this. To others it is an ongoing Engineering project a strive for the lost chord and the will to put their design skills, know how and artistry to work and have the opportunity to demonstrate them or even sell them. This is amazing and along with the other elements here represent the best of what Hi-fi is.
    However, there is also the male jewellery philosophy of which i have been guilty of myself on occasions where people display their Hi-fi like peacock feathers. This is the darker side of Hi-fi and not fot the none competitive. It can set friends against each other and create jelousy which is what happened to me. Once a new piece of equiptment is purchased it isn't long before your friend becomes a riveal and purchases a similar item a few notches up the product range. This is easily remedied by getting off the merrygoround.

    Due to my age and thought process Hi-Fi to me is still the most enjoyable way of listening to music in the home.
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    Hifi is a separates system used to play music.

    The music will vary from much loved favourites, experimental sounds which may be instantly discarded as a mistake or kept in the "collection" forever and of pieces the owner feels they should have or may just keep out of sentimentality despite never actually playing.

    The same can description can also apply to the system itself ..
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    Hi-Fi is a wonderful way to acquire stuff, play with it, fiddle with it and fill your house with lovely things.

    It's the whole "playing music" nonsense that just gets in the way of this enjoyment, as far as I'm concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beobloke View Post

    It's the whole "playing music" nonsense that just gets in the way of this enjoyment, as far as I'm concerned.
    Exactly. If you're doing it properly you really shouldn't have time for that.

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    We all think our seperates sound best to our ears indeed as I write this I’m listening to OMDs new album on my pioneer PDS 505 stable platter CD player with Denon 350se amp and Tannoy V1 speakers on atacama stands sounds wonderful

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    Lo-Fi - not worth listening to
    Mid-Fi - holds my attention for a bit
    Hi-Fi - absolutely captivating

    Lo-Fi - can't tell what the song is (hello bluetooth speakers)
    Mid-Fi - I might recognise the song
    Hi-Fi - makes me want to buy the album

    Lo-Fi - I don't want to listen to anything
    Mid-Fi - I enjoy the song once or twice but then need to listen to something else
    Hi-Fi - I can play the same track again and again and again and again...

    Lo-Fi - makes me wince
    Mid-Fi - makes me ask what the equipment is
    Hi-Fi - leaves me spellbound

    Lo-Fi - just turn it off already
    Mid-Fi - turn it down a bit so we can chat
    Hi-Fi - shut up, I'm listening to the music!

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