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Thread: Describe hi fi

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    Default Describe hi fi

    As the illusion of vinyl thread has lost its way and hifi has been mentioned. Describe what you think is hifi and its sound.
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    I just see Hi-Fi as a slightly more sophisticated cousin of the boombox.


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    I think you can find a lot of your answers in the illusion of vinyl post.
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    Iíll post this before I go to bed!

    Hi-Fi is nothing to do with hi end equipment! It about enjoying what you listen to, regardless of what gender! Stuff sounds better in some systems than others, thatís for sure! But thatís not a given!!!

    Vinyl / CD/ SACD / Hi Res download/ Tidal / or any others you may wish to mention is up to the individual listening.

    Just enjoy it all.


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    How long is a piece of string......................................
    Buy Bose...And get your parking validated!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffin View Post
    How long is a piece of string......................................
    Indeed. For me personally it's always been Peter Walker's "The Closest Approach to the Original Sound" philosophy; but fifty years of hearing equipment demos have shown me that it seems to be 'all things to all men'.

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    I recall seeing a documentary on Greek Audiophiles (worth a Google and watch) where a chap says something like.......it's said that a good speaker should disappear but I want my system to make me disappear. Something like this anyway, and I get it as many of us here will. On the occasions I sweet spot lone listen with all focus on the music, this is what I want. Music can transcend us when we let it and this is what Hi Fi is about to me. Well, this and owning cool gear and talking rubbish on forums ;-)

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    High Fidelity. Done. End of thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agk View Post
    High Fidelity.

    If only.

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    HiFi is not: a fancy case, a price tag / price point, or a five star review. There are many extremely humble-looking systems that will absolutely destroy blingy audio show stuff.

    High fidelity to me is simply about having a system that is better than what is available in consumer or cheap pro-audio gear. Coming back from holiday recently was a lovely experience, really 'hearing into' recordings and having them hang in space again reminded me why I'm in this hobby.

    Interestingly HiFi is used more to describe a home system, as a real pro-audio setup should be "high fidelity" on the production & mastering side anyway.
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