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Thread: The end of the (upgrade) road?

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    I'm Russell.


    So you say those Mk11 Edie's have got the bass? They sure look like they do! I like the finish.

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    I'm GettingFunky.


    Apart from still wanting a set of Edingdales, nothing much has changed recently.

    I fitted my Technics EPC-U205 with Jico neo SAS. It sounds superb.

    I have always had a niggling in the back of my mind about the Cat5 twisted pair cables used in my FH3s.
    Last night I swapped it out for some 2.5mm OCC stranded cable. I really like the difference it has made to the presentation.

    Now, do I dare ask the Mrs for a pair of Edingdales for my upcoming birthday?
    I see Thakker now have stock of the Jico SAS for the EPC205, so I think I may buy one as a spare. It is a superb sounding combination for the money and makes me wonder about the need for expensive MC cartridges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by struth View Post
    Nice on Kev. I am the
    Same in that Ive finished my journey now. Thought I'd finished a few times but glad to say. Definitely finally.

    Don't be too much of a stranger
    +1, matey. Lots of folk have joined AoS, as digital fans, and embraced the joys of vinyl, quite simply because we're so passionate about it here, and there are numerous threads with great advice on how to do it well, so I guess it's inevitable that it rubs off on folk!

    Glad your journey is pretty much at an end. It's so important that there *is* and end goal in your journey, as otherwise the danger exists of simply becoming another unhealthy and endless box-swapper [as opposed to a healthy one like Jerry, but few manage the process as well as he does], and ultimately a 'hi-fi victim', chasing your tail and getting nowhere...

    This hobby of ours should ALWAYS be more about the music than the boxes used, which should simply be a means to an end, so I'm glad you're 'there' now. I've been in that happy place now for some time, and it's a great place to be. 'Upgraditis' should be an officially recognised condition, and always guarded against!

    Anyway, definitely don't be too much of a stranger, as you'll always be welcome here, and thanks again for all your valuable input, and help especially with the cables you've made up for others and myself.

    À bientôt, mon ami!


    "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do" -- Milan Kundera.


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