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Thread: Album Club, August 2017: Herbie Hancock - 'Crossings'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Well actually no; there have been two other Album Club choices that have only received four comments. One of those was a choice I had made (Sinéad O'Connor's 'The Lion and the Cobra').

    What is disappointing in your case is the low number of viewings (384), whereas with in two other cases mentioned there were over 1,300 views. Be patient, the Album Club often receives 'late comers' to long past choices - I am particularly guilty in tha regard. That is one of the reasons why the poll remains open indefinitely.

    However, whilst the turnout for your choice has so far been low, it is not the record. That belongs to the choice of Vaughan Williams 'Symphony No.5, with a response of only 2 comments, despite a viewing figure of 1,000.

    In all cases the number of Members who reply is always a small proportion (a few percent) of those who look at the choice. This may be because only a few are willing to listen to the choice in its entirety before they comment, or it may be that after listening to some or all of the album, they can't be bothered or are unwilling to comment.

    All one can hope for is that one's Album Club choice might be of interest to someone out there; it might be new to them, and might lead on to the discovery of other titles by the same artist(e). Try not to be too downhearted - for all you know there may be Members now enjoying other Herbie Hancock titles as a result of your Album Club choice.

    Thanks for that Barry, or should I call you Statto from now on!

    I honestly don't mind and probably expected a low turnout with it being mid summer and many people on their holidays. Yes, maybe there were some who listened and enjoyed it or not as the case may be and didn't comment. I'm often a late comer myself and haven't gotten around to listening to the September suggestion as yet. Anyway i always enjoy The Album Club and hope it continues.


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