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Thread: Business bank account

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    Default Business bank account


    I've finally reached the end with Lloyds. They've been good, but their logging in system via a browser has become nothing short of a joke; each time I log in (around 12-15 times per day) I have to enter my 8 digit number, then my 12 digit password, then select three of the memorable info characters, then insert my business debit card into the reader, then type in the pin, then type the generated 8 digit code into the banking screen.

    They used to save 'trusted devices', but that's not the case now. Just daft!

    Does anyone use a business banking service which doesn't require one of these stupid card readers? If so, please tell me!
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    Hi Rob,

    I suggest you have a chat with our fellow member of admin, Nick (Beechwoods), as he works in management for the TSB. In any case, he's got years of experience in the banking industry and so will be able to give you some good advice

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    We have them at work (well i don't personally) but I've watched folk log in and you don't have to go through all that palaver. Just log in and password I think. At most there is one more confirmation stage. That's with HSBC.
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    I never had to with Lloyds, but they’ve “strengthened their security” which means ‘they’ve become a pain in the arse’.

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    I stopped business banking years ago. You don't need a business account and kiss the fees goodbye.

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    You don't need a card reader for Starling Bank, but you do need a phone.

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