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Thread: Album Club, July 2017: The Beatles - 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band'

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    I'm kickinbacklistenintotchoons.


    An Album I also know very well and that is well played, being on my 2nd copy.

    This and MMT are from my favourite Beatles era and pretty much introduced me to the Psychedelic (Psych) music that is my genre of choice. Well ahead of its time and as relevant now as it was then, in fact, more so for me.

    Great choice. Has to be a 9 because, as we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect 10 (though she wears a 12 )
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    I'm Nick.

    Default Stereo vs mono mix & other tidbits

    In some parts of this album, such as the chorus of the title track, the mono version has a dreamy almost chorused effect which seems to be missing on the stereo mix. I own a 1st press stereo on Parlophone & a mono also on Parlophone from the mono box set.
    Has anyone else noticed this? It's very interesting.
    And don't get me wrong. The stereo & mono versions are mostly different, rather than saying one is better.
    The Beatles also payed much more attention to the mono mixes up through the White Album as far as I've heard & read. The book that comes with the mono box set, & The Beatles "Recording" book explain a lot of interesting facts about their recording methods & mixes. And I can't forget the book "The Beatles Gear".
    Regardless, I along with millions of others love Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
    IMHO, How can you not love it? It's a true musical masterpiece that will always seem to hold up to the true test of time.

    - Nick

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