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Thread: Connecting an iPod, iPhone or iPad to a Bang & Olufsen CD player

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    Default Connecting an iPod, iPhone or iPad to a Bang & Olufsen CD player

    One of the most common questions we get asked is how to use an iPod, iPhone, iPad (or other device with a headphone socket, eg. laptop, PC, smart phone, TV, etc) to a B&O music system or CD player via the 5 pin or 7 pin DIN socket. This is very easy to solve!

    This cable will allow you to connect an iPod (or any device with a headphone socket) to the Aux socket on the back of your B&O system:-

    Standard cables (for the best value): http://soundsheavenly.com/bang-olufs...-trs-5pd-.html
    High-end cables (for the best quality): http://soundsheavenly.com/music-syst...nd-aux-in.html

    Please set the iPod volume to maximum when connecting to the B&O system – this is normal when using a portable music player with a home audio system due to the low output levels produced by the iPod.

    To listen to the iPod, simply press “A.Aux” on the B&O keypad, or select this on the B&O remote control by pressing the “LIST” button until the display shows “A.AUX”, then pressing “GO”.

    I'm always happy to help with any cabling or connection questions, so please feel free to ask if you need any assistance!

    Kind regards, Steve.
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