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Thread: Cheap upgrade for michell gyro

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    Default Odyssey upgrades

    Hi all,
    Have now upgraded my Odyssey to Pete's pylons, armboard with brass inserts and new feet. What follows is ALL subjective, with the benefit of late 60's ears. All these mods have been very welcome, with increased and better defined bass output.Overall soundstage has improved. DSOTM by the Floyd has never sounded better. Instruments played in a chamber setting appear to have improved separation. Probably a function of improved midrange.
    Thanks to Peter for all his efforts. Now it's just the motor and housing to tweak and the project is finished. Time to go through my Edizione Vivaldi on vinyl, which sounds wonderfull btw. Yes, all 10 boxes !!!!
    For anyone still sitting on the fence re: these upgrades, go for it. You will not be disappointed. Back to the cool of my basement.

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    has any one ever had a VC psu for the gyro , it was produced up until 2003 then replaced by the HR , which in theory should be better ,

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    Hi Glad your happy with Pete's great upgrades, as we all are.
    do you have any pictures you wish to share?

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    Hi Everyone, For the present time, my turntable not only looks a thing of beauty, but sounds amazing.

    Forget the politics of which camp you wish to sit on, it does not matter, what is important is how the music makes you feel when your in the middle of a listening session, smiling through the realism which can be achieved without spending telephone numbers.

    As my late, great, father used to say "if you do not have anything positive to say, do not say anything"

    As I've previously posted (not many I admit - being a novice at this stuff) the journey & enjoyment, I have had with the amazing upgrades & benefits from the stables of the genius that is Pete.
    His insight, design ideas, generous help & enthusiasm have done more to vastly elevate this turntable than the actual manufacturer (sorry John if your looking down).

    It is a fact that I was considering to purchase a SME 15, but in all honesty, the performance I have now negates the need to spend nearly 9K - I know all is subjective but that's how it is so thank you again Pete!

    I plan to post a few little things, about my upgrade path which will probably mirror others experiences & would like to share with you some pictures of the evolution of my vinyl spinner, when I have mastered how it is done..

    Have a great weekend.

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    Thank you for your kind words, i have no more to add to the Turntable, the final part was the feet , enjoy the Turntable, all the best pete

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    Hi Pete,

    My budget finally allowed me to order the acrylic Rega armboard for my Gyro SE, to accompany your wonderful pylons!

    Charles at True Point was very helpful and made the whole process very easy.

    I am really looking forward to this next step up!


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    Hi Jeff Charley will sort it , i am taking a back seat at this moment , want to get members to use this thread and put there thoughts on here ,


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    Default Pete's Pads

    I received a set of Pete's Pads earlier this week and have had a chance to listen to a fair bit of music now following installation of the pads so my impression of them follows (I'd be happy to hear from others who have them installed their thoughts as well).

    I've had the Pylons installed for two years as of next month, and I'd have to check but I think I've had the armboards at least a year, perhaps longer. I essentially played a bunch of records I'm very familiar with, some of which I've listened to for 30 years or so.

    Firstly, what I definitely know that I heard and secondly, some impressions on what I also "think" I might have been hearing with the pads installed.


    Noticeable increase of separation of instruments and increased clarity. No doubt about this one. In many cases you can hear different instruments with the pads installed as opposed to a more "combined" sound of that combination of instruments. There's both a separation and increased focus and clarity at the same time. Bass lines go slightly deeper, but they stop and start with much more authority. It does not sound clinical in any real sense of the word and the presentation remains imminently musical; if it didn't I would comment on that.

    There's an ability to hear more into the recording as a result: in situations where there is an instrumental solo, there is heightened clarity on the instrument but it is also easier to follow other musicians that might be comping in the mix at the same time.

    In terms of voices, overall the same increase in clarity in both lead and background vocals with that increased focus and clarity mentioned. There's also just more room or venue sound that I'm aware of as a result of the increased focus and clarity in many recordings.

    All of this comes without an increase in "edge" or an introduction of any glare. Just the opposite in fact. I played a mono Sundazed reissue of Booker T's "Green Onions", which I've always found to sound a bit aggressive and nasty, and the pads very definitely and noticeably cleaned up what I did not know was a bit of distortion being introduced by my table sans Pads to both the leading and trailing edge of the guitar.


    I'd have to do a switch and go back to test this one out but can't be bothered but I believe that soundstage width and particularly height may have expanded. I could be imagining this but don't think so. I wouldn't say that it's as noticeable and dramatic as the increase in clarity and it is not a huge expansion in the soundstage but I think it is there. But it might just be me interpreting the improved imaging as a result of the increase in clarity as providing a slightly larger aural picture.

    Surface noise. My system is pretty decent in this regard, but I feel that the pads may also be lending to a slight reduction in surface noise.

    Frankly, I wasn't expecting as much from the pads as I received. I've waited a long time to order them as I just couldn't get my head wrapped around how something that simple would make much of a difference and I've also tried to isolate my table from vibration as much as possible as seen in my photos. But my Gyro is also a full plinth version (as opposed to SE) with the motor mounted directly-and feeding noise directly-on to the plinth, so the pads may have even more of an effect on my version of the table than the SE.

    In any event, I feel the pads represent very high value. I was really dumbfounded with what Pete's suspension modification did for the table and pleased with the acrylic armboards. I would definitely not go back to the standard Michell armboard (advertised it for sale actually but had no bites) but having done all three modifications now over the course of a couple of years I would say that from my perspective the hierarchy would be:

    1) Pylons
    2) Pads
    3) Armboards

    This might be influenced by the fact that I have two arms (and hence two armboards), but the individual armboards are I believe even more expensive than the Pylons (I'm not aware of the current Pylon pricing-having purchased directly from Pete just before they went into commercial production with True Point). But to me the Pylons should be the first stop among the 3 products: to me they offer the most dramatic improvement-I'm still amazed at what they did for my table.

    The Pads come in at a significantly lower cost than the armboard and might actually offer more performance, so on that basis I would say they offer a significantly bigger bang for the buck (or pound/Euro as it may be) than the armboard and the combination of Pylons and Pads is definitely a huge bang for the buck IMO.

    But others might have a different opinion and YMMV of course.

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    Thank you blake , Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone

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    All the best Peter...Have a nice day bud..

    Cambridge Audio CXN, Seagate nas drive, Michell Gyrodec SE, SME309, Benz M2 Ruby cantilever, Denon DL103, Primare R32, Densen D20, Densen D30, Cambridge Audio 840A V2 integrated, Pioneer SX-N30AE Network Stereo Receiver, Roksan Darius speakers, Technics speakers, Canon speakers, Bastanis Dragonfly Horns, REL Storm III sub, Target R1 speaker stands, Atacama Equinox.

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