well after month of doing the pylons, and some little bits, i don't think now i have any more to add, it has been a great way to learn ,what will and wont work, the Pylons being the Cream of the Bunch , one which i just cannot Better , the cost went up as things were added, which is out of my control ,what i did learn was the engineering company has to make money regardless, the better the company the better the job , but the price was higher , each set was made as near to the sizes given , and not to a std size
which will have to happen even though i do not want that , i have the new sizes for decks from 2014 , the ones before that can be any size, with the solid post being imperial ,yes the nut will fit but wobble from side to side, The M10 is far too big for the early decks , with out the split adjuster , Mr Moon has painted the Nuts on his pylons, not sure how he has done that Acetal /Derin does not like paint so if you require painted ones ask Mr Moon , he will be happy to supply them to you ,

experiments with sorbothane , the problem with this stuff is it is like jelly with a skin on , i did not manage to buy any 70 -90 duro stuff ,all the stuff was 50 duro , i tried to make washers to go under the arm board onto the arm board spacers
on tightening up it seemed fine , but on inspection , the sorbothane had just turned to a mush, not doing anything ,if i had left it loose the arm would of not been in the correct position ,
The Suspension Bobbins , work 100% better than any spacer (acrylic ) arm board add on what you wish to call it , the bobbins having rubber separating the threads so they never touch , i used Nylon Screws , and the rest was easy ,
They gave better arm isolation , as now the arm was not getting 99% of vibration into the base, from any where in the chassis ,this being damped out by the rubber ,
The way i looked at this was a sme 3009 used Rubber Grommets through the base plate to the arm board , what is good enough for SME is good enough for the michell but on a bigger scale,,,
i put 3 other ones under the arm board just to help stop any movement these are not fixed, but held with some double sided tape , you can buy carbon fiber 120mm x120mm x22mm and use the sme arm board as a template, use a tile hole cutter to do the holes,
a angle grinder to do the roughing out with a cutting disk attached, but do this out side wear PPE gloves mask , etc , and then seal with some car clear coat paint

cost of board is 175 just for the Carbon off eBay ,and is a DIY project ,