review off simonthepieman off wam

Ok so pete's pylons fitted.

As everyone has said, everything is better, timing key everything is crisper, stop starts are better, image higher, wider, deeper, bass without a doubt deeper and even more control, responsive, tighter.

Overall amazed , the bounce of the suspension has gone of course in fact quite rigid, may settle a little?

If you haven't done this mod do it £185 plus 10 postage so £195 but its a transformation, Vocals more real , on KD lang, Diana Krall, Damian Rice

Cowboy junkies, Daft punk synths amazing, all the usual suspects, pink floyd , Dylan,eagles etc

More captivating and emotional,musical most would say.

Then pure pop as the photo above its tay tay, Tazer, call her what you like shes a genius , taylor Swift latest, superb precision and low notes on some tracks really amazing , with Taylor well up front , recorded & produced using ATC's and in this case, the Kitchen system , Gyro SE with SME iv, Eat jo no.5 Goldnote phono stage, Auralic G2,with quality non digital analog input, then balanced out to Active ATC 40's

Records never sounded this good on Kitchen system, possible records are getting close to the serious record player SME Model15

Love this upgrade, very highly endorsed, don't falter, just do it !