Hi All you can use any wood, but the thickness needed is 5mm, due to the way the rega uses the Mitchell VTA adjuster , that has to be taken into consideration,, so the 28mm hole is 9mm deep with the 5mm with the oak,, it will locate on the 23, and the 28 on the armboard ,
one of the problems to over come is the mass of the armoard , and arm , 900grm is the lowest ,, and 1.kg is the highest Inc the weight of the arm ,,, to keep the deck with in spec, they are working on that this week , also the cost , is still to be sorted ,
if the armboard at 35mm thick it may not need the brass weight weights,, but it also would not have the wood top, the cost would be lower ,,due to no brass and wood,,

at 30mm plus the wood , it is too light , we are having to put brass weights into the armbord , to get the correct weight , covered by the wood,,

True point engineering are just in the stage of doing the prototypes,, to be sent out for test ,, with oak and brass,, they will not be taking orders until I have had feed back , due to the cost and time, the cost will be more clear when we know exactly which design will work for the best ,, the rega is a far lighter arm than the SME ,,