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Thread: collection and delivery service.

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    I'm Stephen.


    Is anyone able to transport an amplifier from Redhill in Surrey to West Yorkshire please.
    Iíve just bought a lovely Pioneer A-300R and need to get it up here.
    Please PM me if you are able to help.

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    I'm Ken.


    Seems to be a Midlands to South operator. The North left in the cold again.

    I use Worldwide Parcel Services, they pick up from my house and deliver anywhere in the world. I've sent to France, Germany, Portugal and many places in the UK.
    They are a booking service only, but use people like DHL and DPD at rates way below what individuals could get.
    I just took advantage of ebays no selling fees for 5 items, sent four parcels last week.

    As an example, one of these four items was a small (Pro-Ject) Amp, UK destination, 3Kg and the box was the size of two shoe boxes. It was cheaper through WPS, who used DPD 24 hour (trackable) than with Royal Mail 2nd class to sign for and WPS includes £100 insurance. You can add additional insurance at reasonable cost, when you fill in the on line form. I even got a 1 hour pick up slot from DPD so I could plan my day. It's a very good service. They email you a tracking label within 30 minuets of booking, you print it, stick it and your own address label on the box and wait for the next day pick up, or later, if you specify. You can book late in the evening and still get next day pick up. I just find it so easy to use. *****

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    I'm Don.

    Default Exmouth to London ish

    Hi all
    I'm looking for someone based around Exmouth to collect 3 turntables and meet with me near London, or in London...?
    Helping out a friend to sell them on..on his behalf. One's a lenco, a dual and an AR XA...not so expensive. Is the trip worth £45 to anyone? Timing on this is not crucial or pressing..

    thank in advance

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