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Thread: Call for volunteers to the Album Club

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    Thumbs up Call for volunteers to the Album Club

    Call for volunteers to the Album Club.

    With the June submission, we come to the end of the current round of the Album Club choice. We are thus putting out a call for volunteers to continue the round – we are looking for another 10 –12 participants.

    So what does this involve? It’s quite simple and straightforward, what we want is:

    [1] A title

    [2] An image of the cover artwork (can usually get this from Amazon)

    [3] A link to Wikipedia, if available

    [4] A few words from you as to why you have made the choice; why you like it, mentioning any ‘stand out’ tracks for you

    [5] A link to either YouTube or Spotify, so other Members can listen to your choice.

    The purpose is to introduce musical choices to other Members, who might be unaware of them, or of music that just passed them by. So be bold, be imaginative, don’t be put off that some might not like your choice – there will always be those that do. The whole point is that we all learn something and possibly find something new to enjoy.

    All musical genres are welcome: classical, world, folk, Blues, jazz, rock, pop, - in fact anything and everything. There is a list of previous Album Club choices to help you see what has been chosen in the past.

    At the moment we are just looking for volunteers, you don’t need to make a suggestion yet. If you want to participate just send me (the Album Club) your name. All are welcome to take part.

    Album Club choices will be posted in the order of receipt of participant's names, and on a monthly timetable. We will give everyone a month’s notice of when we expect to post their choice, and a reminder of what is required.

    In the past we have had some volunteers, who when the time has come for them to post their suggestion, have decided at the last minute not to participate. So please, if you want to participate be prepared to do so. Of course, there may be entirely reasonable circumstances why you cannot: health, family reasons, or anything unexpected; so if that happens please give me warning as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made.

    That’s it – looking forward to hearing from you.

    Barry (pp the Album Club)

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    I'm Geoff.


    OK, I could contribute

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    I'm Simon.


    I'll happily oblige and I already had the album in mind and had asked before today to do the June one. I will gladly oblige. An album which is meteoric which has been missed. Regards

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    I'm Loz.


    I'd like another go Barry, but only if there is a slot left after people who have never contributed before.



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    I'm Martin.


    Count me in again. Cheers for managing this.
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    Nice one, guys. Good to see that there is still some enthusiasm for this


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    Yes! Count me in.

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    I'll do one yeah.

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    Go on then.....Been a while
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    If there is still a slot open I would be happy to contribute.

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