AVID HiFi announce new products at Munich 2017

Conrad Mas announced a new range of amplifiers and tonarms at the Munich High End Show 2017. A popular brand within the store, needless to say we are very excited about the new products on the way from AVID.

AVID Celsus Pre and Power Amplifiers

Using many of the features found in AVIDs Reference Pre, the Celsus Pre-Amplifier comes partnered with a dedicated power supply. The Celsus Pre retaines the Reference Pre Amplifiers fully balance topology, a built in phono-stage offers the same options to easily configure any cartridge of two that can be connected, including Subsonic and Mono facilities. Four line level inputs (2x RCA, 2x XLR) give the AVID Celsus Pre exceptional flexibility.

The matching AVID Celsus Power Amplifier incorporates many of the components used in the Reference Mono and Stereo Amplifiers and retaining the distinctive pure powerful sound expected from AVID.

AVID Sigsum Integrated Amplifier

The new Sigsum Integrated Amplifier is set to be the foundation and entry level product in AVIDs full electronics line. Complete with phono-stage and four line level inputs (2x RCA, 2x XLR), it will also include a headphone amplifier and be available in both Black and Silver finishes.

AVID Tonearms

The long awaited AVID tonearms arms made their debut in prototype format at the Munich High End Show 2017.

AVID has placed the control of energy flow at the heart of all its designs. AVID believe the key to good sound is separating the good and bad vibrations at source, and giving the ‘bad’ vibrations a path-ofleast- resistance to an ‘energy sink’ where it can be harmlessly converted into heat.

AVIDs tonearm designs follows the same philosophy, grounding the cartridge and transferring the bad vibrations to the subchassis whilst supporting and maintaining the structural rigidity the cartridge requires.

The flagship tonearm in the range is the Oxytone, in creating this arm AVID employed innovative 3D printing technology to produce a unique single piece titanium arm tube. In combination with an internal bracing structure, an internal energy conducting beam efficiently transfers bad vibration to the subchassis. Rigidly coupled bearings ensure vibration transfer and a unique preload system keeps constant pressure regardless of ambient temperature and prevents damage due to accidental overloading. Bi-axis bearing configuration importantly places the counterweight over the rotational axis, reducing damaging lateral inertia.

Fixed weight bias compensation avoids the use of resonating springs, a magnetic mass compensator offsets bearing loading and a unique locking system makes adjustment of VTA quick and simple.

Cascading the Oxytone design philosophy, both the Paroxytone and Barytone tonearms use titanium technology. A 3D printed titanium headshell is coupled to aerospace grade high tensile thin wall titanium tubing reducing its ability to store unwanted energy, maintaining high rigidity and transmitting vibration to the mounting. The new rigid bearing pre load system used in the Oxytone is transferred to AVIDs other designs. Features include easy adjustable VTA on the Paroxytone and the Barytone the classic single locking point.

Both the amplifiers and tonearm ranges are expected to be available late 2017.

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