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Thread: Product feedback and knowledge

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    I'm Simon.

    Default Product feedback and knowledge

    I'd like to know a bit more about new products and what's hot and what's not.

    This forum seems really well run and friendly, it's a shame people don't tend to visit more for this purpose, or share knowledge more about new products they've recently bought that are new and on the market.

    I love telling people about the products I've bought if they are looking at considering them, and the same time hearing what others are saying about new speakers (that I might want to find out about) and just discussing new products generally. but this seems to happen once in a blue moon. The products discussed are mainly very niche but not from the mass market audiophile brands like your naim, pmc, arcam, Cyrus etc. Also the digital sphere is quite limited.

    This forum could be much more conducive to this if members did this ;
    - getting people who have bought new mass market stuff to volunteer to write reviews. Don't know if happens already
    - people putting up articles of new products as they come up, e.g. Naim new ranges, have they heard them.
    - encouraging people to review products they have heard to discuss with those who have reviewed other stuff, what is best and what isn't.
    - laying the forum out a bit better. I see nowhere to find where speakers should be located on first look, whilst it then becomes obvious. No sections for browsing and checking out products.

    I don't really want to be a bore about hi fi and discuss products that are very very niche, which don't mean much to me. To me it's just about the sound quality, I couldn't that much care about amps, hertz etc, and this basic idea of sound quality often gets caught in the mire of technicality such that it's lost as to why we do this anyway. For sound quality. There is niche in audiophile and very niche in brands often nobody has heard of. But at the same time I don't want it to be all about mass market audiophile brands. But it strikes me as odd that hardly anyone has asked me of views of some of my kit, which I've recently bought. Not for purposes of blowing my own trumpet on that but just share knowledge and experience more.

    From what I've seen, I might be wrong, but if writers did reviews of stuff, you'd attract people to contribute who haven't been part of the forum and would share knowledge of products. I'm not talking reviews for commercial purposes but just for sharing knowledge on what's hit and not. There are loads of products I want to know about that are hardly ever discussed e.g. Effects of nas and network devices on sq, which such devices sound best. Also differences in streamer and dac quality e.g. Some of the new chord dacs. Also how do speakers really compare and which are consistently thought of as best or most reverred. This is not a discussion which is often had.

    I'm probably in the wrong place maybe, but I do think it would be nice if this could be encouraged, as I say this is a friendly place. And if it was about the art of sound, it would be about what is good and what isn't and why.

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    I'm Chris.


    Hi Simon
    I am happy to be the first to jump in the deep pool of what you are asking.

    The majority of AOS Trade members are entrepreneurs with massive skill, and most know fully well what is
    needed to make a huge difference to how sound is reproduced... but your question
    has not included them, rather it is asking just from consumers of equipment on the forum.

    You will have noticed how (could I say 85% of ) manufacture is now done in China, so consumers today
    are presently buying to a degree from a prior knowledge base that existed 20 or more years ago in the UK.
    Current dumping for instance by Quad, it is still a great idea. but is being watered away by saturation
    of other products. The wheels of mediocrity never stop.

    Entrepreneurs do everything to eek out an existence, and could release breathtaking equipment to
    turn the entire industry around tomorrow, but are reluctant to do so, because despite massive risk
    every day, they do not want their ideas stolen.

    Now this has not given a precise answer to your need of finding the best, but may incline you and other members
    to look at the Trade area of the AOS site, a little more closely.

    Cheers / Chris

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    I'm Dennis.


    I think that there is scope for some other approaches to posting to help evaluation.

    I would like for eg., a list of the top serious contenders for best loudspeakers, of which I would guess there may be about 100, and for each person who has used each, to post his experiences with that model and the equipment he was using them with.

    This would then facilitate us looking for trends for a particular loudspeaker in the mist of all the other variables, and perhaps pinpoint more objectively the traits of each model.

    This could of course also apply to other parts of systems; a sort of differentiation process, keeping one thing constant to determine it real properties amidst the numerous combinations.

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