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Thread: Revox PR99 MK1

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    I'm Michael.


    Can anyone comment on differences in SQ between the PR99 Mk1, 2, 3? I read somewhere the Mk1 has a more direct / simpler audio signal path.

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    I'm Alan.


    I haven't done a comparison but would expect the differences to be subtle.
    I have a A77, B77mk2, PR99 mk1 & PR99 mk2 but unfortunately I have only fully serviced and calibrated the B77, Im working on the PR 99 mk1 ATM

    The B77 mk2 and the PR99 mk1 share a lot of the same circuit boards and circuit Diags, except that the PR99 has balanced in/out's, the balance transformers can be a disadvantage in a HIFI environment and an advantage in a pro studio environment. You can also calibrate the PR99 up to +6dB and it has Cal / UnCal buttons to Bye-pass the Volume pots which can also be an advantage as old pots can be noisy and non linear.
    So its swings and roundabouts really ?
    The MK2 has the digital counter/locator and some mods in the circuit boards
    The Mk 3 has significant mods on the circuit boards and more use of Op Amps, digital counter / locator and looks the best IMO (wish I had one but alas)

    For me the best sounding machine will be the one that has the least head wear, been fully serviced and calibrated for a specific tape type.

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