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Thread: interesting auction in Penzance

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    I'm Peter.

    Default interesting auction in Penzance

    Hi all if you live in Cornwall may be this auction is for you , please note the fees, i have nothing to do with this auction , and it is not apart of aos, David Lay Auctions you can bid direct , ATB pete


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    I'm Geoff.


    Good auction house, been there many times and bought from them. (and there's no 'ants' in Penzance )
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    I'm Martin.


    Lots of good stuff there. I fancy that Led Zep gold disc.

    I see the Fender Jazz bass is already 25% over its estimate.
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    I'm Peter.


    cheers for the correction ,

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    I'm Geoff.


    Are there any Piratz?

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    OP's title edited to correct the spelling, 'cause it was grinding my gears.

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    Love the 'radiogram' fitted with a Thorens TD124/II, SME 3009/S2, a Shure cartridge and Quad 33/303 and FM2 tuner.

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