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Thread: Subwoofer advice with 500 max budget

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    Default Subwoofer advice with 500 max budget

    Hi all

    Looking for a new subwoofer to complement my system. My setup is only quite basic so far with a marantz sr7010 av receiver, B and W 685 fronts, B and W HTM62 centre and some old B and W 601 s1's as surrounds running a 5.0 so far.

    The subwoofer should be capable with both music and movies as id say my usage is a 50/50 split and my room is 3.7m x 4.4m.

    I've done a little research on finding a good sub for my price but most are brands that are quite hard to get hold of in the UK such as HSU, SVS (sb12 nsd) and Rythmik Audio.

    Any advice on recommending a good sub for my needs and my space would be greatly appreciated.


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    Have you looked at BK Subwoofers?
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    I second BK, definitely check them out.

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    For that budget, I'd recommend an REL T5i
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    Have a look at a REL, if you don't mind 2nd hand you should have a look for 1 on eBay, others to consider imo are Paradigm

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    Yeah I have looked at the xxls 400 as I've heard it's a little better with music than the monolith which is good for me.

    Any particular Rel and Paradigm models that are highly regarded as I do not really mind purchasing second hand.


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    Veolodyne are also good, you might be able to get an older model in budget.

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    Default Sub

    I have two Rel r328 that I used to use with Apogee hybrids
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    sub-woofer for music or audio-visual? I have often found that subwoofers compromise the performance of a good stand mount speaker with music. When my LS35a's were my primary speaker I found that the bass performance improved with improvements in amplification. In fact the whole performance came alive when driven by a really powerful amp. I am surprised you feel the need for a sub-woofer as your receiver seems pretty powerful. Are you looking for a more thunderous audio-visual experience?


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    Hi Chris,

    What are your DIY skills like? If you are a practical person you might like to consider a SW4 from IPL Acoustics http://www.iplacoustics.co.uk/Home%20Cinema.htm

    If you could build one yourself it would come in well under budget at 290 and offer a quality product for not much money. My hobby is building IPL kits and if you wanted to go down that route I would be willing to give you any advice that you may need.

    The subwoofer kit is very easy to put together and there are other ways to finish them if you don't fancy veneering.


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