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Thread: DIRAC---- anyone tried it?

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    Default DIRAC---- anyone tried it?

    Just wondering if anyone, especially with Arcam AVR's has played with Dirac at all? Seems to me to be a good idea, managing the speaker-room interface without having to make the room look like a padded cell!
    What's the view on here?

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    DIRAC is excellent. The good thing is you can set your own target curve, rather than with most EQ systems where it sets everything to a set target curve. You're able to retain the natural characteristics of your speakers, which you can't do with most EQ systems.

    I would always recommend getting the best speaker placement for the speakers before messing with EQ systems though - you don't want to be adding or taking away too much, as you're fundamentally changing the output of the speaker (if you're monitoring, that's a big no no!)

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    I have one of these in my 2 channel system https://www.minidsp.com/dirac-series/ddrc-22a, a friend brought round his laptop from his PC based system with the Dirac software loaded,we ran the set up for my system and the differences weren't subtle,very pleased with the results,clearing up the bottom end allows so much more detail to come through as well as increased width and depth of the soundstage.

    Have now heard Dirac in 3 systems I am familiar with before and after,it's improved them by quite some margin,not cheap but if you don't have room for traps etc,or your married,or you have flea powered amps,the software reduces the volume by 10db,then go for it just IMO of course.
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