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Thread: The Praise Good Dealers Thread.

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    I'm Gwyn.

    Default Malvern Audio Research

    Time for a big shoutout for a dealer who goes above and beyond.

    Malvern Audio Research

    Those of you who have been lucky enough to deal with Mark Manwaring-White (Ming Da Mark) will know what Iím about to say.

    Thank You Mark! Youíre a gent and a master of the valve. Your upgrades to my amps are breath-taking and I will do a write up shortly on my journey. Anyone wishing to hear why some prefer valve amplification or anyone with a valve amp that they wonder if an upgrade of components would be worthwhile, drop him an email or call him. You wonít regret it.
    I said "I'M A LITTLE DEAF"

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    I'm Gwyn.

    Default Ming Da follow up

    Well just when I think things canít get any better.

    A few months ago I was fortunate to be able to treat myself to a retirement present. I visited Mark at Malvern Audio Research and he fixed me up with a pair of Ming Da 845 monoblocs, tweaked by himself and matching preamp also fettled.
    These drive my Qacoustics Concept500ís with ease.

    Now a day after I purchased these a chap offered me a pair of Ming Da 300b monoblocs in mint condition. (I had put wanted posts on the forums). Well, they are 20 years old and mint condition, to be on the safe side I thought Mark should check them out and advise me of any problems. So about five months ago I left them with him with the request that he add variable feedback to the design (I want to know why purists say zero feedback is best) and upgrade critical components.
    He advised me on inspecting them that the circuit could be tweaked and Mills resistors and Audyne Reference caps used in critical positions.
    Well two weeks ago he contacted me saying he was listening to them and was sure he could improve them further. Heís OCD. Two days later he rings to say heís listening to the amps and Iím going to be pleased. Oh, what a tease.
    So Last week he called down to install the amps and see what I think. Would the 8 watts drive my speakers? Could they match up to the superb 845ís.
    The needle dropped and the first notes appeared in the air. Gobsmacked! How was 8 watts sounding like this, no problem driving my speakers to silly levels without a hint of strain.
    Now letís get down to the nitty gritty. They sound very different from the 845 and which you prefer is very much to taste and your own setup. The 845 excels in speed dynamics and bass slam. The 300b in tones, soundstage and see-through vocals. Pick your poison.

    But Mark being Mark didnít stop there, he handed me a box of various 6sn7 valves and said ĎHave a playí. Not so much Ming Da as Ming the Merciless with the laugh as he departed.
    So days later Iíve tried Psvane CV181. Smoother but not a huge difference.
    Psvane blue globes. Oh these are nice, smooth with better separation of instruments. Iím thinking these are staying.
    But what on earth is this other box. Mei Xing blue box with Onions hand written on the side Hmmm

    I dropped the needle and didnít get back into my listening seat when the first three notes exploded. I stopped dead in my tracks. Where to start, well the soundstage just went 50% bigger with pinpoint placement and every instrument can be effortlessly picked out within the mix. But not by dissecting the music. The flow and nuance of the players is mesmerising. Bass is deep controlled with timbre but stays firmly within the music, not drawing attention to itself.
    Now as I said Mark said have a play he didnít give me any prices. He wanted me to listen and see if a particular flavour was to my liking. The amps without the valve tweak were the Bees Knees, with the Mei Xing they are the Dogs Danglies. Mark tells me the valves are Black Onions. My son said what do they sound like? They sound like theyíre not going back was my reply.

    This is where a knowledgeable dealer is worth his weight in gold. I can find nothing searching the internet on Black Onions.

    Thank you Mark for being a gentleman who goes about his business in a very unassuming way and delivers service with a smile and very good coffee. If you have a prejudice concerning Chinese HiFi go along to Mark, he guarantees everything he sells and just lets you listen.
    I said "I'M A LITTLE DEAF"

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    +plus one from me. Outstanding knowledge and service,
    My Ming Da 805 are with him to be fettled...................can't wait
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    Cables by Cardas, Hovland G3 and Yter

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    I'm Gwyn.


    Martin, let me know how you get on with the upgrades ��
    I said "I'M A LITTLE DEAF"

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    Default New Rega dealership.

    If you are in or around the Salisbury area Cross Keys Audio are now an official Rega dealership,curated by a certain Mr Phil Marsh,they also have a sister shop that sells records in the same shopping center.
    No financial connection to either.

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