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Thread: Unomelodica Casa De Musica

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    I'm Greg.


    Rob the ones that i am aware of are Kelle Patterson on shadybrook i think that may be earlier however, try that one or Carmen McRae / Roberta flack are other versions. Most of my records like you have been dug out over the years - I had some very good contacts not just in the UK but abroad and lot of my grails were picked up years ago when prices were not so high .

    Good to have a fellow groover in the house .


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    I'm Rob.


    Greg, sadly neither of those are it. The only thing I can remember is that the compilation was a sort of Acid Jazz/Disco/Hip Hoppy sort of thing. Stabbing in the dark really. Thanks for trying.
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    I'm Alan.


    The only female link I have with Grover Washington is Patti Labelle, but not unfortunately on Mister Magic.

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    I'm Loz.


    Looks a really great space and lovely kit there Greg. Those Accuphase amps are aesthetically very pleasing on the eye and by most accounts very pleasing on the ear too. Certainly one to consider when I make some changes again!



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    I'm Greg.


    Thankyou loz they sound lovely with the baby harbies really cant see myself changing, just sounds so right. Rob i do remember vaguely a eighties version of mister magic - i need to sort out my eighties pile or mountain more like ,if i come across ill give u a shout


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    I'm Greg.


    So things have moved on, I knew they wouldnt last - Harbies sold , accuphase sold - But not all lost , looking at moving up the chain , accuphase pre pro / harbeths m40 maybe .

    In the interim i said i wasnt going back to the dark side of home theatre but tempation was futile, new 2nd listening space, at least I have some space to store more records, win win in my book !



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    I'm Oliver.


    Looks a great spot to relax in. Very nice.

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    I'm Paul.


    Love the blue lighting in the coving
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    I'm Neil.


    Great listening room, home cinema and work space, classy and stylish.
    Regards Neil

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    I'm Russell.


    Wow that is nice! With some very nice gear to appreciate in a cozy space. I too love the blue lighting.

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