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Thread: KT120 Monoblocks and New Preamp

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    Default KT120 Monoblocks and New Preamp

    Hi All,
    I am bringing into production some KT120 Monoblocks and a new preamp, available with and without a phono stage. The design goals were for mono blocks that would be as good as my Mastersound 845 mono blocks (10k new....) but would cost much less, and not have 1,000 volts floating around inside. We believe we've achieved this with the KT120s. The bass is about the best I've heard from any valve amplifier, allied to a glorious mid range and more extended treble than the 845s can muster. The amps kick out 50 watts of Class A sound and run beautifully with no feedback, although feedback can be switched in if required. Price will be around 3k a pair, finished in professional black anodised chassis with engraved branding and signage.

    I am still finalising the design of the pre, but the prototype sounds glorious and runs incredibly quietly. Price will be around 1,050 without remote control volume or around 1,200 with remote volume control. Output can be set from low through to high and changed as necessary.

    More details later!
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