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Thread: One4Audio Moves on

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    I'm Steve.


    Great news. The very best of luck to you both in this exciting venture.
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    I'm Colin.


    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali Tait View Post
    Best of luck Colin, hope it all works out for you.
    Thank you

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    You inspire us Colin.
    You have been dealt quite a few raw deals of late. Just one of these would stop any one of us dead in our tracks. But you have kept overcoming. I really do take my hat off to you mate. Proud to be you friend.
    We all wish you every possible success!!!
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    Good luck Colin.

    Looks like you have had a rough time for the last year or two.

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    I'm Colin.

    Default Alan Brown, tried the M50

    A mini comment review from Alan Brown who borrowed one to scare the next doors old folk.

    Alan Brown, tried the M50 for us as a second opinion here is his thoughts.

    "1st thoughts on this incredible amplifier:

    I want it. ������
    Enormous unstoppable power. Better than super Claymore from TQ days.
    Soundstage- incredible control and separation, really vivid. Massive 3D, comes up to my face.
    Control is extraordinary can really pick apart the musicianship like I've never heard before.
    Amp is fast as hell. Or road runner. Meep Meep!
    Doesn't get more than warm when AVERAGING 90dB - insane!
    Possible cons: 'Dryer' sound than SECA.
    Treble not so sweet/lush SECA?
    Bass doesn't seem so deep either, maybe mind playing tricks. Haven't had SECA on for 6 months so need to compare to be sure.
    Slight hum n hiss from speakers but less than SECA.(From a Magnum 250 Pre-Amp)

    Short summary: possibly best amp I've ever heard but not sure it's better than the ones we built together.
    Possibly is though.
    INCREDIBLE thing but is it MAGIC like SECA? Tough question.
    It might be.
    That's it for now. I hope I can sit down a few more hours this week and listen a bit longer."

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    Interesting reading Colin.

    Any idea when a magazine review will be out?

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