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Thread: LPs in Sainsbury's

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    Thanks for the heads up

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    It's nice Sainsbury's are doing this, it keeps the Rif Raf out of Waitrose.
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    well I'm not going mad they are selling Led Zep 2. The records are selling, must have been 5 copies each of Hunky Dory, Adele 25 and Specials yesterday evening all gone. Nevermind and Legend were not available yesterday but have price labels so must have gone before.
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    Great, thanks Sean, haven't got Led Zep 2 on vinyl

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    Quote Originally Posted by spm View Post
    , I don't have Hunky Dory.
    Hunky Dory is an absolute 'must have' IMO.

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    yes I used to borrow it off my brother a lot when we were kids. I wasn't expecting the records to sell so quickly and was hoping they might have to sell them off cheap at some point.

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    anyone with nectar points double up is end of month ie £20 becomes £40 in entertainment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    We could end up with a whole proper record departments in the supermarkets.
    Record department. Surely that's incorrect . . . . a Vinyl department isn't it?
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    Anyone purchased any yet ? Whats the quality like , I could be after a copy of Amy Winehouse
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    Slightly off topic but the HMV in Huddersfield has re-opened and is stocking VINYL.
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