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Thread: Are You Knocking On a Bit?

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    I'm Geoff.

    Default Are You Knocking On a Bit?

    Of A Certain Age?

    Do you remember?

    The cast iron loo cistern up on the wall... When the baker and milkman were door to door with their horse & cart... Dion and Gene Vincent... Half Crowns, Farthings and big white 5 notes... Constellation, Viking and Brittania airliners... Sam Costa... Jamboree bags... Before colour TV... Posh people driving Armstrong Siddeley cars or big Humbers... Gilbert Harding... Listening to Radio Luxembourg... Watching Rag, Tag & Bobtail or Andy Pandy... When 'Tuff' shoes came out... Edmundo Ross... Saturday Night at The London Palladium... Alma Cogan... Steam rollers still being used for road surfacing... The conquering of Everest... Gerald Nabarro... Police on Velocette 'Noddy Bikes'... Needing to hold trousers up with braces... Listening to The Navy Lark... Mau Mau terrorists... Sir Thomas Beecham and Sir Malcolm Sargent... The 'four minute mile'... The 'LP' and stereo records arriving... Wilfred Pickles... TV 'interludes' and the National Anthem playing each night on BBC... Brothel creepers, drainpipe trousers and winkle pickers... The lovely Katie Boyle... Panther motorcycles... Every bloke using 'Brylcreem'... Police boxes in the high street... Alec Guinness in 'The Horse's Mouth' film... Yellow AA motorbikes with sidecars... The country Tanganyika... Sainsburys being all wood and tiles... Teddy Boys... Listening to Ray's a Laugh... The Zeta Project... Arthur Askey... Travelling on steam trains... The Army Game on TV... The independance of India... Bus conductors and small coloured bus tickets that got clipped... The Derek Bentley hanging... Shouting 'open the box' during 'Take Your Pick' with Michael Miles... BSA and Rudge bicycles... Arthur Haynes... No Traffic Wardens or yellow lines... Princess Anne as a little girl... Trolley buses and trams... Harold Wilson's 'Gannex' coat... The laundry boiler & mangle in the kitchen... Watching I love Lucy... Only being able to buy shoes with leather soles... Gold top milk bottles... Wolseley 6/90 police cars with bells on... Chocolate bar machines at the station... The opening of the M1... The exploits of Hans and Lotte Hass... The opening of the Kariba Dam... Philip Harben cooking on TV... When motorways had no speed limit... Darning holed socks and jumper elbows... Allard cars... Having a larder... 'Ena Sharples'... Being given malt extract as a nipper... The launch of SS Canberra... WW2 gas mask bags being popular as school satchels... Mutton for dinner not Lamb... Tommy Trinder... Proper 'Dinky Toys'... Sunlight soap... Enjoying gooseberries every summer...

    And so on........there are loads more I could add.

    Feel free to contribute.
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    I'm Grant.


    A good few yes...and mostly the country was better with em. Apart from winkle pickers and Arthur bloody Askey
    Aberdeen was one of the last to get rid of its trams. My dad had a humber super snipe but wiznae posh.

    PS. I still love Alma Cogan....

    Wish i was back there right now
    Grant ....

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    I'm Dave.


    I remember more than a good few too, but assume i am a wee bit younger than you guys.
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    I'm Hugh.


    All of the above.

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    I'm Loz.


    I remember a few of those things growing up in the 60's and 70's. But not too many. However The Super Snipe was a car my old man had when I was really young. He worked for Roots from the early 50's and stayed with them all the way through Humber, Chrysler, Talbot, and then latterly Peugeot. He pretty much always had a company car during those times , so i've got some lovely memories of driving around in the Minx, Gazelle, Hunter, Avenger and the Imp. Happy days.

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    I'm Jerry.


    What a nice thread, I'm not as old a geezer as I thought

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    Only these bits I can properly remember:

    Quote Originally Posted by walpurgis View Post
    Before colour TV... Listening to Radio Luxembourg... Saturday Night at The London Palladium... TV 'interludes' and the National Anthem playing each night on BBC... Police boxes in the high street... Bus conductors ... Chocolate bar machines at the station... 'Ena Sharples'...
    Most of it, however, I haven't even heard of... Geoff, old chap, you're officially ancient!


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    I'm Dave.


    Hans and Lotte Hass, or the undersea adventures of Jacques Cousteau, both great Saturday Morning TV shows i used to enjoy, especially if there were sharks .
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    I'm Neil.


    A wee bit before my time, but I have heard, am aware of much of it.
    Regards Neil

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    I'm Dave.


    Chocolate bar,chewing gum, and cigarette machines outside of our local news agents. I remember on tour in Germany 1990 there were strings and drum stick dispensing machines outside of a music shop. Thought that was great, and very handy.
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