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Thread: Could I just remind folks......

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    Quote Originally Posted by spendorman View Post
    I thoroughly agree that people should try and post stuff in the right place. I certainly have got it wrong in the past, and probably will again in the future.

    Found an interesting one, Bargains on eBay is under Past Masters, but of course there are plenty of non vintage Hi Fi bargains on eBay.
    When I started the thread "Bargains on eBay?" (and the interrogative punctuation is important), it was to discuss the (then) sale of a Leak 'Troughline' tuner, which being a vintage item of audio gear Past Masters was the correct place to put it.

    Since then 'Bargains on eBay?' has taken on a life of its own; being one of the most popular and contributed to threads on AoS (along with 'Spinning Today ... '), so whilst discussion often concerns more current items of gear up for sale, the thread itself hasn't been moved, for the simple reason that vintage items still appear for sale.

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    Perhaps relocating the thread to say Blank Canvas could be worth considering. I've always though it doesn't sit quite right in Past Masters.
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    Hi Geoff,

    No, because as I pointed out earlier, the vast majority of discussion on the "Bargains on ebay' thread is related to vintage hi-fi (as the best old gear, in terms of the SPPV it delivers, is where most of the REAL bargains are found), and so the thread is best suited to remaining in Past Masters.

    What we could do, however, is start a similar thread in Blank Canvas, where the stipulation was that said 'bargains' were all examples of new, currently available equipment. If anyone wants to start it, then go right on ahead!


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