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Thread: Low cost idea for toe-in fine setting

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    I'm Eugenio.

    Default Low cost idea for toe-in fine setting

    Sometimes I wake up with the intention of optimizing something, and at this turn it is the time of toe-in fine setting.

    But making a precise and repeatable adjustment is not so easy.
    And so I simulated the position of the listener's head with an polystyrene bar, some books and a Lego head box.

    I also used an unexpensive laser level (purchased for 13 euros at wish.com) to project the orthogonal ray from speakers (in my case there is only one transducer per loudspeaker) to the Lego head.

    Moving the armchair back and forward I tried different positions of the crosspoint:
    • 1 mt behind the head
    • on the head
    • 50 cm ahead
    • 1 mt ahead

    I have listened each time to three reference tracks and chose at the end the compromise that I liked best.

    The parameters evaluated were width, depth of the scene, focus accuracy and "body" of the voices.
    At the end I decided to further sacrifice the width of the scene (which was not already at top level before the intervention) for the benefit of focus, depth and body of the voices.
    These sensations are detected from the listening point, while the differences are perceived less from the armchair next to it.

    The configuration chosen has been the toe-in crosspoint 50 cm ahead of the listening point, but I think this result is valid only in my room, with my speakers and for my tastes.

    And that's all :-)
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    Preamp: Pathos InControl
    Loudspeakers:Manger Swing + Subsonice
    Headphones: Denon AH D2000

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    I'm Stewart.


    LEGO.Very constructive!

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    I'm Mike.


    That's a big lego.
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