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Thread: Which turntable do you use?

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    I'm Spartacus.


    Cheers, Jeff

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    I'm Mark.


    Also available in black.

    100% Analogue

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    I'm James.


    Quote Originally Posted by PaulStewart View Post
    I still have the Technics SL 120 with the Origin Live Silver arm, this currently has a Denon 103R on it and sounds great. I also have several GL75s in various states of restoration and they sound great, especially the one with the Jelco 750 and the modded Shure M75 with the Jico SAS. But the award for the one that stays in the system full time goes to...... The Art Audio Composer 1, with the SME IV.V and the Koetsu Rosewood Signature.

    Ah so you got a Jico too Paul - I popped one in the M55e which is going onto my Lenco GL75 for back up duties!
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