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Thread: Sony DD TT from the '80's - what was it ?

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    Default Sony DD TT from the '80's - what was it ?

    As a youth, I was a customer of Howard Popecks Subjective audio in Camden (London) and aside from introducing me to actually listening to music, spending vast amounts of money and a whole new source of pleasure, he also managed to sell me a Sony DD turntable - it was a massive thing with a reconstituted stone/resin plinth. I had all but forgotten about it till joining here and reading about Technics TT's. Sadly, i have no idea what the model number was, and would love to know what it was and how it rated - any one got any ideas of where I might find a source of pictures of Sony's old TT's.

    If so, I will reward you of tales of one of my dealings with Mr. Popeck, who was such a gent to me then...

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    it was a massive thing with a reconstituted stone/resin plinth
    Not 'Sony Bulk Mould Compound'?

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    Not TTS4000, that was the 1970's

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    More likely a PS-X. Maybe a 600 or 700.
    Did the arm have a big squared off section at the bearing end?

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    Too early I think ('77), but the PS-8750 was pretty darned good and we only stopped it 'cos we got Linn around that time and that was "the latest thing" back then...

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    Bulk Mould compound - sounds like something you might find at the back of my fridge..!
    The PS-X70 looks sort-of similar, but it was bigger and had fewer controls. As for a squared off section at the end of the arm - I can't remember !

    EDIT !
    However, it WAS the TTS 8000, and a mighty beast it was !
    Thanks for the help - I will see what more I can find out later, and wish I knew what happened to it, as I don't recall selling it. I ran it with a Beard P100/500 valve amp and some Magnaplaner MG1c speakers.

    So, as promised, my story.
    I was a builder, driving a mini van (street cred - I had it in bucket-loads) and a scraggy scruffy mess too (me, and the van)
    I went to Howard first to buy a cassette machine,and he opened the shop especially for me on a sunday, which really impressed. It was my first ever hifi shop experience.
    A few weeks later, he called me to say he had something that I might be interested in.
    So, off I trotted in my van late Saturday afternoon.
    I was shown the beard amps and maggies, and told I could take them home for the weekend - now remember that this guy had no address for me, just my Mums address, as I was renting. I went to get my van from where I had parked it, and he got the gear outside the back of the shop. I pulled up, and once he knew I was there, he shot off, as he had a date of some sort. So, I was packing this gear into the back of the van when a copper came round the corner to see a scruffy geezer cramming big expensive boxes into a tatty van. 'Ello' ello' ello, he said, whats all this then. I explained that I had been lent the gear for the weekend, so had no paperwork to prove I hadn't nicked it, and Howard was out of reach (no mobiles back then).
    I spent the next few hours at the station until my Mother was contacted and could vouch for me etc, then I was allowed to go.
    Now, the maggies came ina big box - it was too long for me to close the doors, so I drove across London with the back doors open, a piece of string holding the gear that was worth 6 months income. Guess what - I got stopped by the police again, and it was only after my tale was verified that I was allowed to go home, finally.
    Needless to say, I wasn't about to take the stuff back after all that, so kept it all, and thus began my life with a hifi. Still got the beard, though lent it to a friend many years back, so doubt I'll ever see it again, and the maggies are waiting in Mums attic for when I can bring them down here.
    The End.

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    Great story Steve, thanks for that!

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    A Quote from Asylum Trader

    "The Sony TTS-8000 was developed in 1976 as Sony's top-of-the-line audiophile deck replacement to their previous TOTL deck, the PS-8750. The motor was sold both in a glossy black MDF-like plinth or by itself as a motor-only (like the Denon DP-80, the big Victor motors, and the Technics SP-10Mk2). The motor used a quartz crystal-locking system, which checked itself against the Magnedisc magnetic imprint/reading system (which was later used by Denon in its DP-80, DP-100, and DP-75 motors). The motor is said to be one of the most speed-stable motors ever made, and it has separate pitch control (and if the main pitch control doesn't do it for you, you can tweak the pitch control underneath further). It has 1.2kg-cm of torque. It has a very clean sound, and is quieter than the specs suggest. These tables are reasonably rare outside of Japan."

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