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Supreme Sound Audio Components is a division of Burson Audio, a manufacturer of USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifiers, Headphone Amplifiers and Stereo Amplifiers. SSA provides DIY and OEM parts and testing equipment. Burson’s iconic all-discrete op-amps are the first products available on the SSA site along with the Lycan Op-Amp Test Bench.

Our philosophy has been simple; the less our components interfere with the audio signal the more complete your musical experience. This has been our core design philosophy since we began in 1996. Our products are totally transparent so pace, rhythm, timing dynamics and tonality becomes a natural expression of the music.

We feel this can never be achieved with standard circuit building blocks like IC chip op-amps, IC regulators, or even standard transformers. Instead we research and develop customized discrete circuits specifically to suit their applications. Only then does each and every component in the signal path perform at its peak. And only then will the end result match our expectations.

To learn more about our design approach please visit us at: