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Thread: PLEASE READ! Current rules for selling in private classifieds (please read)

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    Exclamation PLEASE READ! Current rules for selling in private classifieds (please read)

    Please introduce yourself first before advertising an item for sale. If your first post is a sales post, expect an admin or mod to ask you to introduce yourself.
    Please ensure your name and location details are on your profile, it makes it much easier for those browsing the sales threads.
    This area is for public members to advertise their items for sale, if you are in the trade, please go to Trade Impressions.
    Please only advertise hi-fi and related paraphernalia. That means NO COMPUTERS, CAMERAS or any other pish, unless permission has been sought first and subsequently granted.
    Under no circumstances do the administrators or moderators of this forum accept any responsibility for items or services bought, sold or traded through this forum.
    All goods are advertised at seller's risk. All goods are purchased at buyer's risk.
    ALL sales threads MUST include a photo of the actual item for sale and a set price in GBP, POUNDS STERLING.


    Ok, guys, following the little ‘fracas’ we had recently, regarding the unauthorised selling of a laptop, I’d just like to outline the situation as applicable here for selling any non-hifi related items in the classifieds.

    Essentially, all computers, hard-drives and mobile phones are being put into the above category of ’non-hifi', as we simply can’t determine whether any such items being advertised for sale would’ve been genuinely used for hi-fi purposes up until they’ve been offered for sale, or if they’re simply unwanted general ‘household goods'.

    In the latter circumstances, the classifieds section of the forum is not intended (unless permission is sought by the seller in advance and given by a member of the management team), for members simply to offload their unwanted general computer paraphernalia.

    Therefore, the rules are as follows (so please pay close attention, in order to avoid any misunderstandings later and/or the ’surprise’ deletion of unauthorised adverts placed, without any further warning):

    1) The advertising of non-hifi related items in Private Exhibitions will be permitted, but only as an exception, not as a rule. Only items such as computers, hard-drives, mobile phones (and other computer-related paraphernalia), including cameras, will be considered.

    2) Only currently active members (i.e those who access their account regularly), with more than 500 posts, will be eligible to be considered for advertising non-hifi related items. Note that only consideration will be given, not an automatic guarantee.

    3) Permission to advertise non-hifi related items will be strictly at the discretion of the management team. A decision will be based on how many such items are already being advertised in the classifieds section at the time of asking. A maximum of six such adverts (contained within the most recent five pages of the classifieds) will be allowed at any one time.

    How to request permission to place an ad for a non-hifi related item (or items)...

    *BEFORE* placing an ad, simply send a private message to any of the forum leaders, listed here: requesting permission to place an ad, outlining the details of the item being offered for sale, whereupon the request will either be granted or denied. The decision of any forum leader is final.

    If permission is granted, then the member concerned may proceed to post the ad in Private Exhibitions, subject to the usual rules of supplying a picture (or pictures) of the item (or items) for sale. If permission is denied to any eligible member (simply because at that time too many such items are already being advertised), then they can wait until that’s not the case, and request permission to place the ad at that stage.

    Now, this bit is VERY important……………

    All members will be expected to *READ AND DIGEST* the contents of this notice (and other identical ones posted on the Noticeboard and in Private Exhibitions), and thus be ‘au fait’ with the rules. Be aware that all forum leaders have been instructed to instantly remove any unauthorised ads placed in Private Exhibitions, without further warning.

    Therefore, if you find that an ad of yours has ‘disappeared' all of a sudden (for very good reason), don’t start a thread somewhere on the forum asking ‘Where has my ad gone?’ or you’re liable to be given rather short shrift!!

    It’s time that members took the time to read the (very clearly) stipulated instructions on how to use the forum properly, rather than ignoring/being too lazy to read them, and simply acting as they wish. Thank you in advance for your co-operation!
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    The requirements for photos with sales posts are listed separately here, please read:
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    Please note that proper descriptions of all items offered for sale must be included.

    Just quoting a model name or number and expecting everybody else to know what it is, won't do. Say whether it is an integrated amplifier, streamer, pre-amplifier, DAC, CD player, turntable and so forth. Inclusion of technical data and specifications too would be useful.

    Also if making an offer, please do it via PM.
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