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Thread: September 2015 Offer

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    I'm oscar.

    Default September 2015 Offer

    15% off any of my Turntable mats see the range here - http://www.oscarsaudio.co.uk/turntable-accessories.html

    Just PM on here for this great offer .

    thanks for looking
    www.oscarsaudio.co.uk Turntable Mats , Platforms , Headphone Stands , Cables , Cones

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    I'm AudioAl'sArbiterForPISHANTO.

    Default **** Trade account renewal now well overdue ****

    Hi Oscar,

    Please attend to the required payment for renewing your trade account. I have emailed and PM'd you, not to mention left voicemails - all to no avail. If I don't hear from you or receive the required payment before close of business on Wednesday, your account will be closed, and all adverts therein deleted.

    Proud anti-establishment/elite 'heretic', motivated to expose widespread Establishment bias, cover-ups and mind-control!

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