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Thread: Meridian 200 CD Transport Servicing

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    Question Meridian 200 CD Transport Servicing

    Having read their website it looks like Meridian no longer supports them or the servicing of any of their older products, a shame.

    I have two of these and mine are working OK a little reticent at times, so would like to get them serviced and checked over.

    Lasers and mechs for the CDM-4 are of course unavailable, but would like to see if these could be checked over, PS caps etc must be 25 years old or so and would need replacing.

    Any ideas who could service them preferably local to North East Suffolk the better.


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    I'm Adrian.


    You could try https://www.meridianlegacy.co.uk I think it may be a chap, Chris, who serviced my Meridian 508 some years ago. He used to run as Meridian Repair Shop, but this looks like his current site.
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    I think he's shut up shop again.

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    There are some new comments on his site like this from June 2019 so he has been active quite recently:


    This is from May:

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